There are so many reasons you could find yourself locked out of your car. You may have forgotten your keys inside the vehicle and stepped out with the car doors locked, your key may be stuck in the door or in the ignition, you may have misplaced your car keys or had them stolen, or the keys may have been damaged or destroyed. All of these require a single solution: a car locksmith.

An experienced car locksmith will arrive wherever you are promptly, and use his professional knowledge, experience and tools to open the car. To ensure you choose a reliable, professional car locksmith before you should need one, it’s important to search for one ahead of time and program his direct number into your cellphone Contacts.

We are providing locksmith services in all Rhode Island Area.

Mainly in:

Providence Rhode Island

Cranston Rhode Island

Warwick Rhode Island

Westerly Rhode Island

Boston Massachusetts

Waltham, Massachusetts

Brockton, Massachusetts

Lowell, Massachusetts

Worcester, Massachusetts

Lynn, Massachusetts


As the leading locksmith professionals in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Mr. T’s Lock & Key offers a wide range of services. We can help unlock your car door, regardless of the reason: whether you misplaced your key, your key is stuck in the lock, or you have a damaged key that doesn’t work anymore.

We can reproduce a key from scratch based only on the car’s lock, including your car remote and transponder. These services apply to all the locks in your car, including your trunk and front door. Our experts can reproduce a key using only the existing lock of a vehicle, and decode keys to factory specs on most vehicle types from many manufacturers.

Our main car locksmith services:

Unlock car doors
Cut and program Keys
Transponder keys
Program remotes/transponder keys
Ignition repair/ replacement
Provide keys for a variety of vehicles

including RV’s, trailers, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, boats, ATVs, jet

Decode keys to factory specs on certain cars
Change batteries for remotes
Repair High-Security keys
Remove broken keys


A great locksmith should be available 24/7 since you never know when you should need their services. Moreover, it’s important to choose an experienced, honest locksmith since he will be given access to our vehicle. Finally, it’s crucial to choose a locksmith who charges reasonable rates in your time of need – the last thing you want in a stressful situation is to be taken advantage of!

Don’t take chances and go with Mr. T’s Lock & Key of Rhode Island and Massachusetts – we’re available 24/7, we employ only the best locksmith professionals, and we offer the best rates.